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Thursday, February 25, 2010

i owe them a lot


Some time back in nineteen nighty three, i had been to my grandparents as my exams were over and i was free.

When i was back someone had taken my place, after going down to play i met her face to face.

Day went by and i got to know her more closely, distance decreased and we became more friendly.

Days turned in years and years into more than a decade, today when i am saying bye to her my heart aches.

We have seen together everything- school, college and office, its for sure that now i am going to miss all this.

Friends, sisters- you can name this relationship, i am glad that this is uniqueness of our friendship.

We had our share of joy, sorrow, silence and fights, dont you think all this is best friends' rights?

Aparna is the one, whom i am talking about, throughout the childhood years from the windows we had always shout.

As we grew, shouts turned in sign language, no one can enter our friendship maze.

Heart with happines and eyes filled with tears, as each day is passing the D-day is coming near.

Though i know this is a new phase, but there is fear that i will be alone in this maze.

I will truely miss her each day, for her friendship and her new life i will surely pray.

This is not the end, its a new begining, i just want you to be happy apu, with the guy you are marrying.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Straight From Heart

I can't pen down a single word when laughters fill in my heart,
but I can write down endless tales when my soul is torn apart.